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26.11.2012 00:00 Age: 10 yrs
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Real-Time mooring data

The multidisciplinary long-term mooring at CVOO has been recovered and redeployed successfully in Oct 2012. Within the framework of the MSM-22 expedition (R/V Maria S. Merian, chief scientist: P. Brandt, GEOMAR) a deep CTD station was conducted and a satellite telemetry system was installed for the first time at CVOO. A small surface buoy is now attached to the main mooring and transmits every 4 hours scientific data from the upper 50 m of the water column to Kiel. Data include measurements for salinity, temperature, pressure and oxygen. Illustrated real-time data can be found here (Real-Time mooring data).

Mooring observations from past deployments have revealed occasional strong hypoxic to anoxic events occurring at CVOO which haven’t yet been observed during monthly samplings. Real-time data will help to better adjust upcoming monthly site occupations with R/V Islândia and thereby gaining insight of the biogeochemical environment in such oxygen depleted water masses.